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“Connection” is the message Chikuunsai Ⅳ tries to convey from his art work. Connection between different lives, between humans, and between people and nature…. His inspiration comes from the heritage of his historic family background. Chikuunsai family is very famous name in the bamboo arts field in JAPAN. It is the only family who has been succeeded since the founding generation and is still continuing till present day. The family history has more than 130 years. Chikuunsai Ⅳ Tanabe was born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. As the second son of Chikuunsai III, and studied bamboo craft since his childhood. Even though he studied sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts, he had a period of distress. Being born into a famous family also made him anguish. Overcoming that time, eventually he realized that bamboo art was his way. He has traditional technic and spirit of his forefathers while developing his own style. His installations are created with the concept “Art that remains in our memories”. The installation created in our gallery is one of a kind of its works in Asia. The theme of this work is called “Beyond Connection”. We are very honored to present you with those Japanese bamboo arts in Asia.


Kansuke Fujii

1947   Born in Tamba-shi, Hyogo Prefecture

1963   Became a pupil of Masunaga Yataro in Kyoto

1974   Started independent study of Japanese and Sumie painting

1981   Apprenticed to Komatsu Hitoshi (a traditional Japanese Sumie artist)

1988   Held his first solo exhibition, Tokyo

          Based on Japanese tradition, he develops his own style

          and he paints various subjects for decades;

          Japanese macaque monkey, still life, portraits, and etc.

          Now he achieves his originality and uniqueness

          Presently lives and works independently in Kyoto

2022   Holds his first overseas exhibition, Hong Kong

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